4G stands for the 4th Generation of Technology for Mobile Network or the 4G Long Term Evolution, generally known as 4G LTE. It is the most cutting-edge technology of high-speed wireless communications that allows users to enjoy downloading and uploading high definition multimedia data.
  • SPEED: upload speeds of up to 10x faster than 3G with 100 Mbps. boosting faster and more enjoyable Internet connections, chats, shares, uploads, downloads, etc.
  • COVERAGE: available in all 77 provinces covering 80% of the country’s population with continuing network expansion that integrates with the existing TrueMove H 3G network which currently covers 97% of the country.
  • BEST EXPERIENCE: : maximize your 4G device’s performance enabling exceptionally fast and powerful mobile Internet experience.
    Check compatible devices on www.truemove-h.com/checkdevices
  • CONTENT: support large applications, maximize cloud advantages, and enhance the seamless HD video streaming and VDO Call experiences.

*Download and upload speeds depend on the number of users on site and device used.
  No.1 3G
Best Nationwide Coverage
No.1 4G
First & Best Service in Thailand
Most hotspots nationwide
  • Internet browsing, chat, share, VDO Call, Mobile TV on 3G compatible devices e.g. smartphone, tablet and aircard with up to 3 times faster than conventional 3G.
  • รhi-speed data transmission of up to 42 Mbps*
  • • maximize the 3G device’s performance for call and Internet connection

    * depending on the number of users at a time and the supporting device.
  • up to 10 times faster upload speeds than 3G
  • 2-3 times download speeds and up to 5 times upload speeds faster than 3G, delivering better chatting, sharing, Internet browsing, HD streaming video and VDO call experiences.
  • integrated 4G, 3G and Wifi services
  • seamless signal switching
  • maximize cloud advantages
  • support large applications
  • change to 4G SIM at any True Shop nationwide free of charge
  • "Wi-Fi" (Wireless-Fidelity) is a service used for Internet connection like EDGE/GPRS but with faster data transmission.
  • "Wi-Fi" uses the IEEE 802.11 standard for wireless connectivity to the Internet. The IEEE 802.11 standard is actually only the earliest standard, allowing 1-2 Mbps of bandwidth. Amendments have be made to the original standard in order to optimize bandwidth (these include the 802.11a, 802.11b and 802.11g standards, which are called 802.11 physical standards) or to better specify components in order to ensure improved security or compatibility.
HSPA+ (850 2100 MHz) 4G LTE (2100 MHz) -
No.1 3G network in Thailand with widest nationwide coverage which includes 77 provinces, 928 districts, 7,394 sub-districts and 67,615 villages available in 77 provinces to cover 80% of the country’s population by April 2015 Cover major areas e.g. educational institutions, hospitals, hotels, department stores, cinemas, restaurants, community malls, office buildings, public transport systems, etc.
TrueMove H is a 3G network deployed in the 850 MHz and 2100 MHz bands for the best and most efficient services.
We are the first operator in Thailand to provide commercial 4G LTE service in Bangkok with the largest 3G network covering all districts in 77 provinces of Thailand.
We offer a variety of 850/2100 MHz capable devices at competitive prices for new 3G users and smartphone lovers.
We offer a 3G roaming service in 216 countries through our alliances e.g. Vodafone, Conexus, and NTT Docomo.
We offer a variety of packages to suit both voice and data uses.
We have developed more than 400 applications for free download to share on any operating system.
Our IT Friend professionals are stationed at more than 250 TrueShop branches, and more than 13,000 TruePartners. We always strive to improve our Call Center service to ensure greater convenience among our customers.
True iService application provides a one stop service that allows customers to check balance, apply for extra packages, and pay bills.
We have developed the H Signal application that allows customers to report service problems in terms of voice and data connections from any location in Thailand so that we can have the information on the site that allows us to solve the right problems and improve our service quality.
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