TrueMove H has officially launched True5G

All TrueMove H customers with 5G phones are able to experience True5G, a truly smart network for a sustainable intelligent world, today without having to request a new SIM card.


Bangkok, August 19, 2020 – True Group, the leader in integrated digital lifestyle has brought True5G genius technology to sustainably shape Thailand to an intelligent nation, reflecting the readiness for all Thais to lead a True5G genius lifestyle # Come True with True5G which includes business sector that has already used True5G in the new smart city lifestyle including medical, educational, retail and various industries as well as the Thai public that lead new normal lifestyle after the Covid-19 situation. With the strength of True Group that has the most completed 7 spectrums, the highest in the country that covers 77 provinces nationwide along with collaboration with leading domestic and international alliances, particularly China Mobile, the largest mobile phone operator combined with True as the only digital technology & solutions leader with integrated digital ecosystem in Thailand, True Group is ready to provide True5G nationwide equipped with various services from smart devices -Touch the Beyond, the not only offers various 5G smartphones at special prices, but also True 5GVR4K visions & True5G VR Headset, IoT equipment & gadgets that will fulfill smart experiences- See the Unseen that offers various contents from entertainment, education, travel and special new deals under VR and AR formats that are different and beyond in True 5G style with a intelligent speed- Ride the Ultra Speed for all pre-paid and post-paid TrueMove H customers to experience True5G genius network free of charge without having to switch to a new sim card but by only using applicable 5G devices. At the same time, a new heroic figure has revealed ‘Bright-Vachirawit Chivaaree’ who will join ‘Cherprang  Areekul’ and ‘Ice-Paris Intarakomalyasut’ under the advertisement campaign concept :THE INVITATION TO THE INTELLIGENT 5G WORLD that invites all Thai to experience the world of Come True with True5G that would no longer be only a dream vision but become a reality.


Mr. Anat Mekpaiboonvatana, President (Co), True Corporation Plc. said that “Currently, every countries including Thailand are facing a unprecedented challenge, the Covid-19 situation which leads to changes and adjustment to live a new normal lifestyle. At the same time, this challenge has created new opportunities for Thailand. Since this recent crisis, technologies have been developed to offer conveniences and increase health safety and better living. It must also connect everything together, from people, work and surrounded social as well as connecting all equipment. New trends have occurred called Connected Home, all home equipment will be connected to provide better conveniences and safety as well as offer customized entertainment contents for each individual; Connected Work, working will become more mobility, not sticking in one place. Under advanced technologies, people in an organization will be connected from everywhere and in anytime; Connected City, lifestyle will be transformed to a digital society and technologies will connect all societies together from online shopping, mobile banking, eDelivery, transportation system and eLearning, transforming into a Smart City which needs to have efficient and fully-coverage telecommunication network. At the same time, it must has the ability to connect borderless digital telecommunication and fully integrated digital service such as True ID, a digital platform that offer entertainment & lifestyle content, online shopping and special privileges for True customers as well as voice and video chat via the application; TrueMoney Wallet, an online wallet application that offer payment to create a cashless society; TRUE VIRTUAL WORLD, an integrated solution that has high security and accommodate all demands for business, education and lifestyle sectors.” 

“The launch of 5G in Thailand comes at the right timing as it helps shape the society and pave the way to a fully integrated digital era. It allows Thailand to compete in the world-class arena and I strongly believe that True5G is ready to shape Thailand to become a sustainable intelligent nation due to the superiority of True Group as the only operator that has 7 spectrums that cover 77 provinces nationwide along with our strong collaboration with leading domestic and world-class international alliances like China Mobile and our leading status as the only fully integrated digital technology provider in the country with smart solutions and technologies from AI, Robotics, Deep Data Analytics และ Smart IoT” , Mr.Anat concluded.


Mr. Khanungdej Triratupathum, Director, Network Engineering & Quality Assurance, True Corporation Plc. said that “True Group has strategically invested in network in order to drive Thailand to become a Smart City. We have conducted a trail test for True5G since 2016 in collaboration with world-class alliance China Mobile. With the new 2600MHz and 26GHz frequencies that True Group recently won the bid, making True Group the only operator in Thailand with 7 bands of spectrums, the highest in the country. Currently, the mid-band spectrum 2600MHz which is the main spectrum to provide 5G, is  ready to provide service in all provinces nationwide. And with the Massive MIMO technology that could contain many times more capacities, True Group is the first operator to run a trail test since 2017. This frequency could provide service in harmony with the existing frequencies at the based-station, accommodating better services for both 4G and 5G customers.  While the low band spectrum, 700MHz , 850MHz and 900 MHz are used to support the mid band by using the strength of low band for wider coverage and stronger penetration to buildings, department stores and two-storey houses, so all communications will not be missed and distance is no longer the limit. While high-band spectrum, mmWave 26GHz is used for high speed purpose for area such as industries that need higher efficiency and effectiveness in terms of quality, cost control and timing. Moreover, this spectrum could be connected to Network Slicing to offer the best quality signal and service. At the same time, True has enhanced the 5G efficiency with Dynamic Spectrum Sharing which means the it could provide both 4G and 5G in one based-station. By expanding the 5G network will also help improve the 4G service quality. It is our intention to create a world-class network that cover all spectrums for the best service for all our customer groups. We are also recently being certified by world-class testing institute nPerf as “the excellent network/best in Thailand for the 4th consecutive years during 2016-2019 including the first quarter of 2020. This would guarantee and gained customers’ confident in choosing True to accommodate all aspects of their lifestyles. Currently, True Group has 5G network that covers 77 provinces nationwide and emphasize on strategic locations that could receive maximum benefit from 5G genius network such as hospitals, shopping malls, academic institutions, universities, industrial estates, tourist destinations and 22 MRT stations.”


Mr. Piroon Paireepairit, Head of 5G Working Group, True Corporation Plc. said that “5G technology has recently played a major role and has been a factor to drive Thailand in focusing on new innovations to change the organizations, stepping into a fully digital era. The differentiation of 5G era is the collaboration with various level of alliances to create an eco-system, develop use case for maximum benefit and use the True5G genius network for actual utilization both in terms of speed and device connection as well as having low latency for real time data transaction. This includes new innovations such as VR and AR while using big data to use in business as well as transforming to the Genius City (Empower the World) in medical, educational, retail and various industries including energy and environment. It also serve the new way of living and driving the country to the new normal. Today, True5G is ready to bring all Thai to live a ‘genius life’ in the real world. We offers genius devices (Touch the Beyond), which not only offer over 30 models of 5G smartphone under special prices, but also True 5G VR4K vision and True5G VR Headset, IoT equipment and gadgets to fulfill a genius experiences (Seen the Unseen) with VR  technology which will be the first time for Thais to enjoy the new experience both via Mobile phone through True5G VR and TrueID Apps, on True5G VR Headset and True 5G VR4K glasses. The content includes Entertainment; DancingwithIceParis, ShowMetheMoney and Ghost House 360. For Tourism, a new traveling experience to promote See the Unseen distinctive destinations from all around the world and Amazing Thailand for local destinations as well as educational and games content. Moreover, True also launches True5G AR Apps, the first time in Thailand in bringing AR to create new experiences in the world of contents and commerce. Initially, True customers get privilege to redeem various benefits via True5G AR Apps. Both pre-paid and post-paid TrueMove H customers can experience genius speed (Ride the UltraSpeed), a free True5G service, until yearend without having to change sim card by only having a 5G applicable smartphone which will impress and open a new genius experiences for customers nationwide.”


Mr. Oliver Kittipong Veerataecha, Chief Brand & Communication Officer, True Corporation Plc. said that “Under True 5G’s determination to not only develop a mobile phone signal, but also to continue offering genius technology, innovation and platform for a complete digital lifestyle ecosystem , shaping Thailand and the world for sustainable intelligent lifestyle. This is no longer just a vision, but  True has turned it to reality and is ready to offer all Thais to experience "come True with TRUE5G" via the advertisement campaign: THE INVITATION TO THE INTELLIGENT 5G WORLD, inviting all Thais to experience smart life with True5G through 3 presenters; ‘Cherprang Areekul’ who represents Infinite Knowledge #ComeTRUE, ‘Ice-Paris Intarakomalyasut’ who represents Limitless Inspiration #ComeTRUE and ‘Bright-VachirawitChivaaree’ who represent New Discovery #ComeTRUE on True5G genius network. These presenters will share  their experience in advanced technologies and innovations of True Genius Devices which include smart phone, tablet, VR headset, IoT gadget and smart home devices under True5G network. Genius Experience via content with unprecedented virtual real-life 360 degree experience through VR, AR on TrueID and other upcoming platforms. Genius Speed, a 20 times faster speed from True 5G network. Genius City including World of Health & Wellness, World of Education, World of Security, World of Entertainment and World of Agriculture and Environment. The genius True5G will lead Thailand to a new world, a new smart city model. This new communication campaign will be broadcasted on TV, online and YouTube from August 28th,2020 onward.”


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