True is proud to welcome two 2020 Olympians into our family

“King of Sports” True is ready to welcome Olympic athletes “Nong Taew” and “Coach Choi” into the family, an inspiration to all Thais.

Bangkok, Aug 11, 2021


True would like to thank the effort and camaraderie of all Thais that made this victory possible. “TRUE POWER IS THAI POWER” is our victory and let us reflect on the fact that together we can make dreams come true. Today, True Group is proud to announce two Olympic 2020 heroes “Nong Teaw”, the first female amateur international boxing Olympic winner and “Coach Choi”, the brave Thai coach, driving success for the Thai Taekwondo community for almost 20 years. True Group is always striving towards innovation, and as the King of Sports, we are proud to support the future endeavours of rising athletes and promote Thai sports to an international level.  


Mr. Natwut Amonvivat, President (Co) of True Corporation Plc, proclaimed, “True Group is extremely honored to bring the full potential of a leading integrated digital lifestyle provider, to support communications for the Thai national athletes team, coach, and staff at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, an accomplishment that delivered pride and happiness to all Thais.  On this occasion, I would like to thank all involved in jointly achieving success and all the willpower that made 'TRUE POWER IS THAI POWER' possible.  At this time, True Group is delighted to welcome two new members to our True family: 'Nong Taew' Sudaporn Seesondee and 'Coach Choi' Choi Young Seok, both heroes who will go down in  Thai sports history as our new True 5G representatives to deliver positive energy and inspiration to the society. This is in line with True Group’s determination to continuously develop innovative telecommunications technology to Thai consumers as well as emphasizing our position as King of Sports. We have always believed that sports can help establish relationships and encourage moral unity for everyone to fight in every situation. True Group is aware of the importance of sports from promoting young athletes to professional careers, supporting all types of Thai athletes to become world-class athletes, and being the center of the most complete sports contents in Thailand for Thai audiences to enjoy matches on True’s leading platforms including TrueVisions, TrueID, True Sports, and on a faster and stronger genius True 5G network.”   

Mr. Oliver Kittipong Veerataecha, Chief Brand and Communication Officer of True Corporation said, “The success of Olympic Games 2020 is seeing a concerted willpower of athletes, coach, and staff who devote themselves as Thai representatives. More importantly, this historic victory is the willpower of all Thais united under the concept of ‘TRUE POWER IS THAI POWER’, a reflection on how sports can bring diverse groups together. The two Olympic 2020 athletes represent our spirit and perspective. 'Nong Taew' Sudaporn Seesondee represents the spirit of a true fighter by making a name for Thai amateur boxing and 'Coach Choi' Choi Young Seok, the driving force for Thai taekwondo athletes for almost 20 years, have embody the True ideals of making dreams become reality… together. From the athletes at the frontier to the cheers of all Thais behind them, everything has culminated in this celebration for our proud community. These two new members of the True family will also help drive True Group’s sport marketing strategy as the leading world-class sports content provider. With 11 sports over a range of content like the English Premier League, Tennis Grand Slams, World Badminton, World Snooker, Motor Sports GP, and NBA Finals, True is the most comprehensive provider of sports content. We hope fans of Nong Taew and Coach Choi will continue to follow their inspirational stories and distribute the same positive energy for those around them.”  


“Nong Taew” Sudaporn Seesondee, the 1st Thai female boxer who won a medal from the Olympic Games, said, “I’ve never considered myself a hero, I only try my best to put a smile and bring happiness to Thai people. This gives me the physical and mental strength to fight. I am delighted and excited to become part of True’s family. True has invested faith in me and it compels me to give my very best as I have always done as an athlete.  I will do all I can to contribute to society and thank you True for all the support.”

“Coach Choi” Choi Young Seok, Head Coach of Thai Taekwondo National Team, said, “I am extremely proud and delighted to join True’s family as True has continuously given many good deeds to the Thai people as the provider of fast, convenient and simple communications and as Kings of Sports with various world-class sports content.  During my time of almost 20 years in Thailand, I keep saying that my duty is to create happiness to Thai people, the same goals that True has stood by for a long period of time. Thank you for greatly looking after me and the Taekwondo Association of Thailand.’’